Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm not much of a coffee drinker but today an iced carmel macchiato latte sounded really good.

In other news Adam lost tonight on Idol. I'm kinda surprised, Cortney tried to call in and vote for him but she couldn't ever get through. I thought Adam had a decent chance.

I don't think for a minute that he is walking away a loser, in fact this might even be better for him, he can persue his career without being under contract with American Idol.

And I'm not complaining, sweet humble Kris Allen is an amazing artist as well. He was pretty much speechless when they crowned him winner. Anyways congrats to Kris Allen the 2009 winner of AI, and to runner up Adam Lambert, I'm sure we'll see them both are the music billboard charts real soon.

Monday, February 09, 2009


Here is a cutie I watch once in awhile.
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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


When my daughter Amanda shops she turns it into an adventure. She loves to try on funky clothes and will come out of the dressing room posing and prancing around dramatically. It is a hysterical sight to behold.

I on the other hand love shopping but I hate trying on clothes. Hate it. Like the other day. I'm trying on jeans in a claustrophobic changing room.

T.: (calls through the door) Do you like them?

ME: No, they're not working for me, they're too tight.

T.: Get out here, let me see.

ME: No way these jeans make my thighs fatter and I see muffin top.

T.: Just get out here, I'll let you know. Trust me.

ME: Other people will see.

T.: Who cares, no one's out here.

ME: I'm taking them off.

T.: Okay then I'm coming in.

ME: (in a sing song tone) No your not, the door's locked.

T.: (sing song tone) Then I'll crawl under the door.

ME: You do and I swear I'll go Mommie Dearest on you and beat you with this hanger..

Lately I've noticed a trend with department stores. When customers get to the cash register the sales person begins to ask them a series of questions. I just want to pay and go. But they want to know my address, phone number. Especially Fashion Bug. Every time. They even want my e-mail address.

Sometimes I just want to say.."Would you like a blood sample too? I'm A negative."


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another week has passed me by. Last Saturday we went to a Cheer for a Cure benefit. $10.00 a plate (not bad), they were serving a choice of spaghetti or linguini alfredo. After dinner the girls performed a cute interactive show followed by raffle drawings and a silent auction.
Now think red and white checkered tables, live music, plastic bibs, corn on the cob, cups of melted butter... and crab. Put these together and you get The Dungeness Crab and Seafood Fest.

I don't like crab. It's smelly, they scream when they're cooked, yeah I know, it's just steam. Cracking their shells open with pliers freak me out. I've tried to like crab, it looks like messy fun. People wearing plastic crab bibs while gorging themselves with gusto. It's a hands on affair and ettiquette flies right out the window. Cortney can eat her weight in crab. She ordered a half crab dinner for $15.00 and Jim ate crab cakes. I was content with my glass of chardonnay.
Unfortunately Andrew couldn't join us because he was at his dads for the weekend.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


Last night while Andrew was at his Homecoming Dance, Jim, Cortney and I went back to the races at Speedway. Thanks to this car here, number 77 and its driver who won one of the races I will not be taking out the trash ALL week. A bet is a bet!


Thursday was also Cortney's 11th birthday. She had a dinner party at Sergio's. She actually jumped when the staff came out plopped a sombrero on her little head then proceeded to sing Las Mananitas followed by Happy Birthday. At first her face registered surprise and bewilderment but then she put on an ear to ear grin and I could tell she was really enjoying herself. Her main present was a digital camera she had been longing for. She hasn't put the camera down since that night.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


I saw Step Brothers in Lakewood Sunday evening after going to the zoo. Step Brothers had its funny moments, I guess it really depends on a persons idea of funny. But first I want to talk about the theater.

The theaters in the town I live in are crap compared to the Regal Cinema in Lakewood. This theater had stadium seating where the seats tier down and had the most comfortable chairs I've sat in while watching a movie on the big screen. The armrest lifts up so you can cuddle, fondle or pickpocket the person next to you, whatever your mood. They also have cup holders so just remember to take your coke out of the armrest before pulling it up (you know who you are).
My only gripe is the same complaint I have at every theater. Snack prices.

Amanda brought me back a bottled water from the concession stand, I asked her how much it was and she tells me it was $4.50..... $4.50! I yelped just a little to loudly. That's a gallon of gas!

But back to the movie, it was funny. There were some silly parts that I did not find humorous. Like when some kids make Brennan (Will Ferrel) lick white dog shit. Some of the jokes fell flat. However there were enough good ones to keep Step Brothers entertaining for a movie about two men 39 and 40 who act like 12 year olds. I would say that it was better than Semi Pro, but not nearly as good as Talladega Nights. So my advise would be to wait for it on DVD.*

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On Sunday I took off with Andrew heading to Tacoma where we picked up Amanda.

We made as far as Discovery Bay. A rinky dink store and I was feeling tired and bought a Star Buck's Double Espresso mocha in a little can. I know, I don't drink coffee, but I had stayed up the night before watching

Destination... PT. Defiance Zoo.

Afterward we went to Owens Beach, Amanda and Andrew had a fierce water gun fight.